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Report from the IFLA Library of Congress Regional PAC Center

The Library of Congress (LOC) has been an IFLA/Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Center for many years, and has changed its focus during that time.   When the PAC produced the International Preservation News, (IPN) the LOC took responsibility for mailing the paper copies within North America.  When the publication ceased the LOC provided digital files of all the issues for the IFLA website to assure the availability of the valuable information that had been produced.  All issues are available for download from the IFLA website at  http://www.ifla.org/publications/international-preservation-news?og=32 Today the  LOC PAC Center focuses on providing resources through webpages and through broadcasting...


Report from the IFLA Sri Lanka PAC Centre – Testing Aqua Fumigator (Cyphenothrin 72%) against insect pests of library books in Sri Lanka

The IFLA PAC Center of Sri Lanka conducted recent research on pest control. The members of the advisory committee of Sri Lanka IFLA PAC Center provided their support and expert assistance in this study. Cyphenothrin 72%- Aqua Fumigator is a well known commercial product which has been used in Sri Lanka to control library pests since the 1990s. The product was not imported during the last few years due to delay of local chemical registration processes to reimport. An experiment was designed to measure the effectiveness of fumigation to advise the librarians in the country. The fumigations were carried out...


Report from the IFLA Asia PAC Centre – Conservation activities using washi

This is the first of an ongoing series of reports from the IFLA Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Centres regarding their activities and future work in their regions.  The National Diet Library of Japan (NDL) was designated the IFLA/PAC Regional Centre for Asia (PAC Asia) in 1989. PAC Asia was established in order to enhance awareness throughout Asia of the importance of preservation and conservation activities by distributing information, organizing training programs, and conducting other forms of research. Given that Asia is a vast area with a great variety of languages, cultures, and climates, PAC Asia’s task is no simple one, but...

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