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Report from the IFLA Library of Congress Regional PAC Center

The Library of Congress (LOC) has been an IFLA/Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Center for many years, and has changed its focus during that time.   When the PAC produced the International Preservation News, (IPN) the LOC took responsibility for mailing the paper copies within North America.  When the publication ceased the LOC provided digital files of all the issues for the IFLA website to assure the availability of the valuable information that had been produced.  All issues are available for download from the IFLA website at  http://www.ifla.org/publications/international-preservation-news?og=32 Today the  LOC PAC Center focuses on providing resources through webpages and through broadcasting...


Report from the IFLA Brazil PAC Centre – A view on the conservation and restoration of the National Library collection

A report from the Center of Technical Processes and Preservation Coordination of Preservation, Biblioteca Nacional  The Coordination of Preservation is made up by the Conservation and Binding Center and the Restoration Laboratory, each respectively carrying out the conservation, restoration, binding and the packing of books and documents with different degrees of deterioration. Those items that show a high degree of deterioration for which conservation techniques are not sufficient to structurally restore them are sent for restoration. All the books and documents that make up the immense collection of the National Library, from journals and general books to those belonging to special...

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