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Managing and Promoting Special Collections in Africa: RBSC’s IFLA WLIC 2015 Preconference Satellite Meeting

Annual conferences are often bookended by preconferences and workshops at the start of them with tours of libraries, exhibits, and scenic side trips at their end, and the 2015 IFLA WLIC conference was no exception. But, what was exceptional was the theme and content of this year’s satellite meeting: Managing and Promoting Special Collections in Africa: the Bleek-Lloyd Collection and Beyond. Sponsored by IFLA’s Rare Books and Special Collections Section, organized by David Farneth (The Getty Institute), and hosted by Renate Meyer (Head, Special Collections Library, University of Cape Town), the preconference was a one day event that was attended...


IFLA Conference Session Explores African Cultural Heritage Collaboration

At the IFLA Annual World Congress this year in Cape Town, the Rare Books and Special Collections Section sponsored a session devoted to “fostering collaboration to build and preserve African cultural heritage.” The section’s members devised the program to call broader attention to some of the impressive collaborative work that has been undertaken over the years as well as to get an update on the current state of the Timbuktu manuscripts. Four of the five papers can be found in the IFLA Library. Daryl Green (University of St Andrews, United Kingdom) moderated the session attended by ca. 200 people in...

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