Monthly Archive: July 2022


IFLA Rare Book and Special Collections Section Launches Global Survey to Assess the Value of Cultural Heritage and Special Collections

Special collections around the world come in a wide range of formats and sizes. Together they are defined and characterized by their cultural significance, uniqueness, provenance, rarity, financial value, and by the security and storage arrangements that are required to ensure their long-term preservation and accessibility. Last year RBSC organized a ‘provocation’ session as part of WLIC 2021 and invited four ‘provocateurs’ to propose new approaches to the question of how and what we value in special collections, and in doing so challenge the audience to think about their values and what they mean to today’s communities, researchers, and practitioners....

Exhibitions: Designed to Inspire and Engage, WLIC 2022

Join RBSC and P&C at WLIC 2022 for Exhibitions: Designed to Inspire and Engage (Session 068) Room: Liffey Hall 2 Tuesday, July 26, 13:15 – 14:30   This joint IFLA program will address the shared institutional challenges and opportunities of exhibitions in twenty-first century, post-pandemic cultural heritage institutions. Libraries are increasingly tasked with finding spaces for public exhibitions, and the line dividing libraries and museums is increasingly blurred. Enviably, the increased demand for exhibitions has also increased the demand for loans of cultural heritage objects, regardless of institutional size and staffing. This session is a recognition of this changing institutional...

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