Monthly Archive: December 2018

Why not join us as a committee member? 0

Why not join us as a committee member?

IFLA has announced its Call for Nominations for Section Standing Committees August 2019 – August 2023 is now open. This call outlines what is expected of committee members in general. If you are interested in standing for a position, or in nominating someone, please read through these and make sure that you or the nominee can commit to the time, the travel and the activity involved. There is more information in the IFLA webpages for committee members. Please note that this year’s nomination and election process takes place earlier than normal, with the completed nomination to be received by IFLA...

Welcome to our Knowledge Café! 0

Welcome to our Knowledge Café!

At this year’s WLIC in Kuala Lumpur the Rare Books and Special Collections section held our first ever Knowledge Cafe, on the subject of rare materials cataloguing. This format is designed to encourage people to come and discuss issues with one another, and we wanted this one in particular to look at the following questions • Are existing standards satisfactory and effective? • Are there gaps in the existing standards for cataloguing rare materials? • What can be done to promote and develop standards for rare materials? There were a few brief presentations designed to stimulate thinking on the subject...

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