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“We don’t know” – a report from the beginning of the EMo Book Trade Project (ERC)

My personal teaching collection of early modern books counts one book printed in England, more specifically an ordinary duodecimo from Westminster. It is a 18th-century, corrected edition of George Ruggle’s Ignoramus. Comoedia. “Ignoramus” in Latin litterally means “we don’t know”, and refers in the play to an ignorant lawyer, who is a real dummkopf. Ruggle (1575–1622) based the Neolatin college play on Giambattista della Porta’s La Trappolaria, which was in turn an adaptation of Plautus’ Pseudolus. The satire, which makes a vicious attack on judiciary, was for the first time staged in Clare College, Cambridge, on 8 March 1615. King...


Exhibition “Morocco in Pictures” – National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco

Exhibition “Morocco in Pictures” Within the Framework to make the Special Collections known to a wide audience, The National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco has organized an exhibition entitled “Morocco in Pictures” from 7th to 21st November 2016 at the Special Collections reading room. Free entry for subscribed users To make an appointment for group visits, please contact 05 37 27 23 73   م معرض” المغرب عبر الصور” من أجل التعريف بالمجموعات المتخصصة تنظم المكتبة الوطنية للمملكة المغربية معرضا تحت عنوان  المغرب عبر الصور و ذلك ما  بين 7 و 21 نونبر 2016 . بفضاء المجموعات المتخصصة. الدخول...


Report from the IFLA Library of Congress Regional PAC Center

The Library of Congress (LOC) has been an IFLA/Preservation and Conservation (PAC) Center for many years, and has changed its focus during that time.   When the PAC produced the International Preservation News, (IPN) the LOC took responsibility for mailing the paper copies within North America.  When the publication ceased the LOC provided digital files of all the issues for the IFLA website to assure the availability of the valuable information that had been produced.  All issues are available for download from the IFLA website at Today the  LOC PAC Center focuses on providing resources through webpages and through broadcasting...

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