Helping the profession to define new standards for preservation

IFLA LOGO-Colour_no-textIn August 2016, IFLA launched the survey on standards, guidelines, and best practises for the preservation and conservation of library materials.

Why are we doing this?

In the IFLA Strategic Plan, it states that IFLA will help with developing standards for the collection and preservation of content in its diverse forms.  In order to start this task, we have created a survey which will give us an overview of what standards, guidelines, and best practises are currently used by the profession when it comes to preservation and conservation or any materials held in libraries.

The aim of the survey is twofold:

  • On the one hand we want to provide a comprehensive list of resources for the library profession online
  • On the other hand, we want to analyse the results we received and identify gaps currently not covered by standards, guidelines, and best practises. These gaps we will then address with the IFLA professional units to work on the most effective way of filling them

And in order to achieve both of these aims, we need your help and knowledge!


So what are we looking for and what can you do?

We are looking for any standards, guidelines, and best practises, in any language, external or internal to your organisation, that you are using in order to ensure your library materials are preserved adequately for the future.

Please provide us with this data by completing the online survey:

There is also a PDF which helps you to gather all the information in your organisation before inputting it into the survey.

What are your benefits?

We will make all the results available on our website in early 2017, creating a valuable resource for libraries world-wide.

We will work with the library profession on actively creating new standards, guidelines, and best practises to fill identified gaps.


Any questions? Please contact


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